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For as little as $29 month  gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. That's why you and your family can live your lives worry free.

Some of the services you will receive for personal legal matters include some of the following:

  • Advice on an unlimited number of topics
  • Letters and phone calls on your behalf
  • Legal document review, up to 15 pages each
  • Will preparation
  • Defense hours
  • Video Law library
  • Forms service center

Some typical situations are as followed :

  • Accident results in personal injury
  • Car is repossessed unjustly 
  • Creditor tries to collect money you didn't owe
  • Appearance scheduled in small claims court
  • Fired without just cause
  • Denied credit for no apparent reason
  • Dog is poisoned
  • Son is injured at a football game
  • Called to jury duty
  • Child wrecks car and friend is injured in accident
  • Friend owes money and files bankruptcy
  • Family member challenges dad's will
  • Friend sues homeowner for slippery walk
  • Teenager accused of shop lifting
  • Minor caught breaking into store
  • Spouse never updated will after second marriage
  • Your dog bites  passerby
  • Neighbor child injured while playing in your back yard 
  • Property manager refuses to rent to you
  • The IRS wants to audit you
  • Book is written - needs a copyright
  • Don't have a will
  • DWI/DUI charges cited while taking prescribed medication
  • Need to get a patent for an invention
  • Neighbor reports you for child abuse during a normal course of discipline
  • You borrow neighbors' boat - an accident occurs
  • Boat owner wants for boat while in storage
  • Stranger calls and demands money or damaging information will be released
  • Accused of crime not committed
  • Neighbor's dog barks for hours every night
  • Neighbor's dog attacks cat and kills pet
  • Angry words end up in slander suit
  • Made a sizeable gift to charity
  • Car is damaged by an unknown cause
  • Property value reassessed

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