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MVOIP Phone Device

The Most Economical Mobile and VOIP Solution On The Market

The solution includes:
virtual receptionist with 8x
Call forwarding
Virtual extension
View live video feeds
Group chat text
E911 service
Free call transferring
Extension dialing
Call log
Music on hold
Use your current phone
Domestic and international calls are free
High-quality phone solution with absolutely NO monthly contracts or fees
Manufacture Standard Warranty;
• Limited Warranty period (parts): 1 year
• Limited Warranty period (labor): 1 year
Extended Warranty 2 Yrs
Return Policies:
• Return for refund within: 30 days
• Restocking Fee: 20% Yes

Floor Model OnSite AWG – Atmospheric Water Generator Water System

OnSite Pure Drinking Water - Equals to 53 (16.9 Fluid Ounces of Bottle Water)
30L/24Hr or 7.9 Gallons of Drinking Water From Air Per Day 
Cold And Hot Water Function 

OnSite AWG is a powered device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Our highly advanced atmospheric water generator extracts the moisture from the air and converts it into clean, pure drinking water. Water, essential for all aspects of life, is the world’s most valuable commodity and is becoming increasingly scarce. This is a renewable and plentiful source that’s accessible to people around the world. The technology taps into a water source that does not place more demands on Mother Earth–Pure water from the air we breathe! Will produce water at 25 °C / 77 °F .

Water shortage has become a worldwide problem, with the development of city, many of the world's largest city groundwater has are drying up, water shortage is a serious negative impact on industrial and agricultural production. 

Technical Specifications 
Compressor: 0.6Hp Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz Wattage: 580W Climate Type: ST Refrigerant: R22/R410A
N.W/G.W: 65Kg/68Kg Product Size: 510×520×1150 mm Carton Size: 555×590×1235 mm 
Temperature Range: 10°C~43°C Humidity Range: 25%~95% Water Making Capacity: 32L Maximum 46L
Note: Specific water making capability varies according to the temperature and humidity

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You will have access to more than 600,000 Google Play apps, and games for a great experience. Extension ports support 2.4GHz wireless, mouse, wireless keyboard with touch pad, etc, while a micro-SD slot lets you add more storage memory up to 32GB.

DeskTop OnSite AWG – Atmospheric Water Generator System

Portable Water Production System (Drink , Humidify & Purify the Air)
The OnSite Portable AWG renewable technology water production system is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. The highly advanced OnSite Portable AWG system extracts the moisture from the air and converts it into clean, pure drinking water.
Patented Technology With Multistage Filter System – Cold And Hot Water !

Product Features

 Multiple filtration system.
 Manufactured from high quality food grade materials.
 Advanced over current UV lamp sterilization and cold storage
    technology to eliminate and maintain bacteria free water.
 Microcomputer control technology for automatic operation.
 Multiple Alarm system to monitor water quality.
 Internal cold water circulation system to maintain water quality.
 Advanced heating system to produce hot water.
 Option to connect to external water supply.

Additional Benefits

 Unlimited sustainable pure drinking water.
 Water produced is significantly lower in cost than bottled water.
 No added chemicals.
 99.9999% bacteria elimination.
 No heavy lifting or storage of bulky water containers.
 No plastic waste.
 Dehumidifies the room.
 Purifies the air in the room.
 Reduces allergen particles in the air

The Temperature must be 30 °C or 86 ° F to produce 20 liters of water per day or 5.28 gallons. 

If the Humidity Level is higher the system will produce more water per day.    

Complementary member price is $ 1,740.00

Non Complementary member price is $ 2160.00

Orders more than 7 units. Please contact

30 Days Return Policy
Manufacture Restocking Cost 45%
2 Yrs Warranty coverage with proof of purchase.
10 Replacement Filters 
Return Policy – Must be return with all original packaging
Free Shipping in the USA . Contact for price shipping outside USA

When is the warranty not covered?
The limited warranty does not cover any problem that is caused
by conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects
in materials or workmanship. If the machine has been tampered
with or serviced by an unauthorized person. Air and water filters
are not covered by the warranty and considered as consumable

Global Humidity – Check Your Humidity Level -  must be 45% and Up To Produce Water.

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All you need is a spare HDMI or AV port on your TV or PC. This will convert your TV or PC into a smart streaming media platform that will also allow you to Video chat from Skype, MSN, QQ. Send emails, update your FACEBOOK status, and play games. Download new apps, create and display a power point, listen to music, and read books., MSN, QQ. Send emails, update your FACEBOOK status, and play games. Download new apps, create and display a power point, listen to music, and read books.



We are the global leader for the smallest MVOIP device for your home and or small businesses with no monthly cost or fees. The high-quality automated MVOIP phone device connects SIP and Mobile phones via the internet. This is an all in one solution with Firmware built into the MVOIP device (Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol).

The savings are huge with MotMini annually, especially throughout the years. Unlike Ooma, Grasshopper and Vonage with the MotMini you actually own the system, which is easy to operate with the convenience of your smart phone application. MotMini is not your typical complicated industrial PBX system. It’s easy to use and it only requires a onetime installation with registration. Most have high speed internet service.

The MotMini  delivering crystal clear HD VoIP technology anywhere around the world using LTE/Wi-Fi on your smartphone and more! You will never again pay ridicules monthly payment or contract with the Mot/Mini, just a one-time hardware purchase is all you need.

Mot Mini Unified MVOIP System With No Monthly Cost Or Fees


100% Environmentally Safe – A True Green Product.
Our customized orders start at 1 Gallon.
Multipurpose Non Toxic Cleaner with Adjustable Strength Setting.
This is the perfect cleaning solution for the renewable energy industry. OrganicClean is a Multipurpose, Non Toxic, Bio-degradable organic cleaner. Our 1 gallon solution comes with an all in one adjustable strength spray bottle. Just add Organic Cleaner to the 2nd stage bottle with the green tab, and then add hot or cold water to the 1st stage bottle with blue tab. As you spray your designated cleaning area, just adjust your concentrated strength levels from 1 to 5.

Complementary Member Price: $75.00 USD Free Shipping USA

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The Ultimate Smart Media Solution (Legal Media Streaming) 4K Ready. Watch Cable, Satellite and Local TV programs. Most have high speed internet service) Also receive software for your mobile phone. This is a legal media device that can search the worldwide internet for movies, music, TV shows, and live sports. The portable device and smart software will then organize available media files for easy viewing and or listening  on your TV or computer.

Eco Friendly Metal Treatment

The ICP solution is environmentally safe, non toxic, non-hazardous, nonflammable, EPA tested and verified water based metal treatment solution, Manufactured in the USA. The solution is used for complete metal surface preparation and pretreatment can be used on any type of metal ( ferrous & non -ferrous ) such as Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel , aluminum etc. The solution can be used in all different types of applications, often replacing traditional pretreatment conversion coatings such as nitric acid, sanding, blasting, phosphates, chromate conversion coatings,  chemical sealers and rust inhibitors. The Eco Friendly Metal Treatment solutions solution doesn't  fall under any EPA, OSHA, or DOT regulation.

The solution can be used as a contaminate remover or pre manufacture metal surface protector all in one step and in one minute. ICP is ready to use, no mixing, and it eliminates all hazardous and toxic chemicals used in metal surface preparation. The ICP solution is the only pre treatment conversion coating product available which can be manually sprayed or brushed on a metal surface at room temperature without any rising or oven drying before finishing. Also, it performs multiple jobs in one short step.

The ICP also removes weld and laser scale and white rust all while cleaning, coating and sealing to prevent further moisture absorption. The ICP is a value added product and eliminates blasting for new metals, increases welding  strength and provides years of protection.

The ICP was the winner of a 2013 Bronze Edison Award for innovation, judged by more than 3000 business executives in the fields of product development, engineering and science.

To date, our products have already eliminated more than a million gallons of industrial hazard.

Complementary Member Prices : USD 

  • 16 oz. Spray Bottle covers 200 sq. ft.   $ 49.90
  • 32 oz. covers 400 sq. ft.  $ 84.50
  • 1 gallon covers 1600 sq. ft.  $ 179.80
  • 5 gallons covers 8000 sq. ft.  $ 7,860.00

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We provide high quality Streaming Media Internet Devices with installation Support. Free International Shipping - 60 days return policy- restocking fee charge is 25% - 2 Year Warranty includes 1 year free replacement upon returing Non working G SMID - ( Optional free replacement & Support service plan after 2 years ( 5 per month or $ 60.00 per year.)

Develivery 7 - 15 days for small orders and 20 - m35 days for large orders. Order 1 G-SMID or multiple G-SMID: We can provide white label or Logo Branding

G-SMID + M-SMID Free Shipping USA

Instant rebate : $25.00 for self install

Complimentary Member Price$ 279.00 USD

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Commercial Energy Efficient Fan 

Key Features: 
Fan can be used in a home, office, store. School, or hospital, or any place where air is not flow well. The function of our fan and wind rotation disk can fully circulate the air. It will enhance the effect of cooling or heating function of air conditioner.

Our energy efficient fan can use all year long and only use 42.8 W to serve 15~20 square meter area. (High Best efficiency)

Complementary Member Price: $245.00 USD Free Shipping USA

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UV-Light Energy Saving Fan - Eliminate Airborne Ebola 

  • The UV-light energy saving fan provides better fresh air, eliminate airborne Ebola and is good for the environment. 
  • Eco energy saving fan improves your living area air and circulation.
  • The fan will provide healthy clean air by utilizing two 32W efficient UV-lamp that remove bacteria from your room. The fan will kill air born Ebola virus based on SGS test reports. ( 2 hours in operation will eliminate 37% of all viruses in the air.)
  • The negative ion will eliminate dust flowing into the air and the ion also can eliminate bad odor. 
  • The fan can be used in homes, offices, stores, schools, hospitals, or any place where air does not flow well.

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Services and Products

Face Life Now.Com 

We offer the following products and services at complimentary membership pricing. Just fill out the form with your information and the products you are interested in and eMpasys will contact you to set up membership.​

The Mini AES System for 12v DC Powered Device

The system can supply and charge all kind of smart phone, iPod, MP3, MP4, iPhone, GPS, Bluetooth camera or any 12 v dc devices. This is a durable system with a 70wh high capacity lithium battery and can Charge and discharge 500 times. Standard interface; plug and play, just need phone cable or solar panel to charge at any time. (Only need 6-7 hours for full charge by the solar panel) Can continue to operate and power LED lighting up to 10 hours when the system is at full charge. Automatic dormancy if the power system is not in operation to prevent power lost. Energy saving and environmentally friendly
Output Voltage (V): 12V DC/3A 5V DC/3A Load Power (W): 70 WH Solar Power (W): 15W
Work Time (h): 33 Hours , Solar panel: 15W/15V, 5 meters cable with DC plug ( 2.17 inches ) 
Solar Panel Weight: 3 lb. Storage Capacity: 12V DC 70wh Battery: Lithium ion Storage weight: 1.85 lb.
Output: 3 * 12V DC/ 3A ; 2 * 5V DC/2A Package dimension:16.7 * 15.1* 4.7 in. Total Weight: 4.85 lb.

Complementary Member Price: $310.00 USD  Free Shipping USA with 1Year warranty Click picture to order

Energy Reduction Card

Electric Power energy reduction Card converts reactive power wasted by electrical resistance into active power to improve current level and reduce the resistance inside the cables and wires. The energy reduction Card is design and manufactured with a unique Bio Nanoscale energy reduction ceramic powder solution.

Our technology uses Bio Nanoscale energy reduction ceramic powder which regulates voltage and electricity waves that reduce heat and electrical current lost in cables without reducing voltage. It also helps to regulate ‘power factor’, stabilizing your electrical system and making the voltage constant.

Complementary Member Price: $35.00 USD   Free Shipping USA

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Ultimate Smart Media Solution
Posted by DMP on November 22, 2015

Great for gaming, enjoy the best-selling titles like Cross Rod, and more. Photos can be shared from the internet on to your TV or PC screen. PC or Tablet PC photos. Music and movie can be displayed on your TV Free Mobile app for your Android Phones and I Phone.


SIMDPRO is a line video or presentation on demand streaming solution for your Artist, Products and or Services. We can program the SMID as a promotional streaming device that will have direct links to your Websites, Videos or Cloud Platforms. Great for gaming. Enjoy the best selling titles like Cross Road, and more. Photos can be shared from the internet on to your TV or PC screen. PC or Tablet PC photos, music and movies can be displayed on your TV. Free Mobile app for your Android Phones and iPhone.

 Compatible LED Tube to Replace CFL

Our compatible LEDs for fluorescent lights are design with a high quality internal power supply and come with a 5yr warranty. ( no wiring or ballast removal ). Our LED compatible tube has wide input voltage tolerance for global compatibility. Our LEDs are widely used in shopping malls, meeting rooms, restaurants, exhibition halls and various other buildings. The lifespan for our LED tubes are much longer than others on the market. Implementing an energy efficient LED lighting solution will reduce your electricity utility cost by 60% – 75%, and increase your profit margin.
Our LEDs are for commercial building providing great ROI (Return of Investment).

Complementary Member Price: Minimum Order (25) – $18.50 USD per LED tube  Free Shipping USA click picture to order